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Temple (22)

The abbey’s grand temple gave Bahamut a special place of honor, with a huge statue of The Platinum Dragon occupying the center of the sanctum and his alter standing at one end. Altars to Kord, Moradin, Pelor, Erathis, and Ioun line the edges of the sanctum as well. A pool of water from the Font of Ioun, miraculously clear despite the passage of years, stands in the entrance hall. A cluster of tiny rooms in the northeast part of the temple building was home to the temples priests.

Hall of Glory (20)

Serving as both a trophy room for the knights of the abbey and a memorial to their fallen members, The Hall of Glory was designed to be a smaller echo of the majesty of the temple. A Pool filled daily with pure water from the Font of Ioun welcomes visitors in the entrance hall. A statue depicting Bahamut as an armored human warrior stands proudly in the hall beyond, ad an altar set into the wall in the north wing was a place to offer sacrifices in honor of the abbey’s fallen heroes. Now The hall lay full of dead monks and paladins with a younger female paladin being helped up by another.

Barracks (19)

The long, low building that served as barracks, kitchen, and mess hall for the knights and monks is now little more than a stone floor surrounded by flaming posts and beams, with heaps of rubble strewn about from the collapsed walls. This building is under siege by saboteur minions who are attempting to destroy everything and everyone in sight. A few paladins have built a barrier of wooden furniture and rubble to stave off the beasts, allowing them to relive their glory years and proof of their constant vigilance.

Heroes’ Gate (18)

This large gatehouse was designed to strike awe into the hearts of those who came to visit the knights. Statues set into niches high on the interior walls represent the greatest heroes of the order, and they stare down at visitors as if searching their souls. An enormous statue of the abbey’s founder, Gardrin the Hammer, dominates the floor inside. However, the gatehouse did not escape the ravages of the demon horde and scourge that brought the abbey to its current fiery state. Its outer doors are nothing but charred remains and what is left of them have nearly fallen off their hinges, though the portcullis that blocked the inner gate remains intact. Parts of the roof have collapsed and a couple of the guardian statues have fallen from their places of honor to lie in pieces on the ground.

Watchtower (17)

This towering spire at the south end of the abbey grounds allowed the knights to keep watch over the King’s Road from miles away, thanks to both its great height and magical aids to distant viewing in the topmost chamber. The magical wards seem to be keeping the demons at bay from this place. Inside you find a monk at the base of the tower chanting a prayer to Bahamut. His robes are covered in blood and he is holding a dagger shakily. You are hesitant to approach him.

Font of Ioun (13)

This bubbling spring provided both water and spiritual sustenance of the knights of the abbey in its prime. A shrine surrounding the font was dedicated to Ioun, and drinking from the waters was said to offer visions of divine guidance and inspiration. You hear a loud roar and scuffling of nearby trees and you sense something large approaching.

Groundskeeper’s Cottage (12)

This small wooden cottage was home to generations of hard-working grounds-keepers who maintained the extensive gardens of the abbey. It now sets aflame as a glorified campfire. You see a few burning corpses lying around the cottage but they have become so charred you cannot tell if they were human or something else.

Bell Tower (11)

The bells that once summoned the knights to their prayers and meals were housed in this slender tower near the temple mount, overlooking the beauty of the whispering grove. Now the tower stands burning, its stairs and upper stories are unsafe, the floor having collapsed in some places and threatening to do so in others.

Whispering Grove (10)

The copse is the heart of the Feygrove. Eeladrin from the Feywild took a hand in establishing the garden, and their influence is strongest here. Taking advantage of a natural affinity between the world and the Feywild at this location, the eladrin created a magic spring, allowing fey energy and influence to bubble into the world. The fey influence is limited to this single grove of trees and is keeping the devils at bay, for they dare not cross the fey where their magic is strongest.

Outer Gardens (9)

Situated o the hillside behind the keep, what once formed the private gardens of the lord mayor is now cindering ashes with many little devils running amuck throughout the gardens.

The Keep (8)

The knights of the abbey were the sworn protectors of the village, but they did not govern it or maintain order within its streets. That responsibility fell to the lord mayor. This dignitary was often a retired knight of the abbey from a noble family, but at other times a mayor was a noble from a distant part of Nerath appointed by a king. Such nobles viewed this appointment as akin to banishment, because the abbey was far from the capital and its climate was not hospitable. The keep was the residence of this lord mayor, and was appointed with all the splendor he or she could afford, to soften the blow of exile. The devils have ransacked the estate to the bests of their abilities and you see many of them running around in shirts made out of silk and other fancy clothing while others are merely smashing anything that isn’t bolted down.

Wizards Tower (6)

This tower was the home of the wizard Vandomar, who inherited it from his mentor, to whom it had passed down through generations of master and apprentice. Like the story of the abbey. Magical wards and beams of lightening coming from a balcony halfway up the tower seem to keep the devils at bay, for now. Upon our approach, it seems some of the larger devils have started to advance upon the tower, and they are not as easily swayed by electricity as their smaller siblings are.

Ruined Garrison (4)

The largest structure in the abbeys outer wall was once the garrison for the villages defenders. Most of its defenders lay around your feet knocking on deaths door or having already passed. You hear evil cackling from inside the building and decide that the fiend that the fiend that did this to all of these innocents must pay.

Keep Entrance (3)

The courtyard is usually home to a bazaar full of merchants travelling the King’s Road. Today is no exception aside from most of the merchants running for fear of their lives or, as you soon discover, are already dead and amongst the corpses that scatter the ground. You suddenly hear many thuds and look off in the distance to see an enraged Ettin is what has been causing most of the damage. The devils had apparently hired some help for the more destructive tasks.

Gardmore Village (2)

All you see as you approach the village are clouds of black smoke arising and the smell of burning wood fills the air. You hear screaming and pleads of mercy and then sudden silence. Quickly you rush to the village to see if it is not too late.

Main Gate (1)

The gatehouse at the village’s single main entrance is now under siege from devils attacking. You see paladins fighting in vain against many fiends and from a distance see a few fall. The devils enter the gate ahead of you and you see the gate soon fall shut with a loud crash causing the ground to shudder. You realize your escape just got much more difficult.

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